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Are you looking for a job or employment as a secondary school teacher?

High School Teacher Positions in Perth and Australia

Vivid teachers are here to help you and find what you are looking for in your next teaching position as a high school teacher.

We want to keep the registration process very simple so all we require you to do is send in your CV to us along with any information that you feel is important to help us develop a good understanding of your strengths and what you are looking for in your primary school teaching position.

Currently our high school teaching positions are in Perth and throughout Australia and we also have some selected international schools predominantly in SE Asia, China and Africa.

We are looking for teachers of all levels of expertise and subject areas. We have a range of teaching and leadership roles. We are particularly experienced in assisting teachers who may be relocating from interstate or overseas for their new high school teaching opportunity.

Want to work with the best.
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