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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?

We want to keep the registration process very simple so all we require you to do is send in your CV to us along with any information that you feel is important to help us develop a good understanding of your strengths and what you are looking for in your teaching position.

What will Vivid do for a teacher?

Prior to securing work, we meet with you to determine what your ideal job is and what your strengths and areas of interest are. Vivid must verify your teacher registration, identification, and complete reference checks. We will guide you throughout the application process, assisting you in CV writing, career guidance and interview preparation. 

Vivid works on behalf of schools to source great talent so once we have developed your profile, we will discuss with you the positions we think will be suitable for you. If there is a role that interests you, we will send your application to the school, the school will then liaise with Vivid and indicate which candidates they would like to interview.

Is there a charge for this service?

No. Our service is free for any candidate seeking work. As mentioned, we work on behalf of the school, who pays us for this service.


Why do schools use the service?

Our service helps the school as staff recruitment is a very time-consuming job, so just as you get an accountant to do your tax return Vivid work for schools to source the best talent for their teaching positions. We are specialists in education talent acquisition.

Am I employed by Vivid or the School?

Vivid assist in the recruitment process but you are employed by the school.

What is the benefit of working with Vivid?

We know our teachers and our schools. Vivid is the most experienced and awarded education search and selection company in Australia. We make your life easy by quickly matching you with suitable positions. Our relationship with our schools means we know about positions prior to them being advertised publicly. A large part of our role is looking out for your next career move. 



International Candidates

Is there a demand in Australia for overseas teachers?

Australian schools have always been open to international candidates, we have long anticipated the current teaching shortages due to the age demographic of the current workforce. It is anticipated that we will continue to have higher demands for the next decade.

I am qualified to teach in my home country, am I able to teach in Australia?

Overseas-trained teachers will need to contact the teacher registration board in the state they wish to teach to have their qualifications assessed.

Teacher Registration Board of Northern Territory

Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia

Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania

Queensland College of Teachers

NSW Education Standards Authority  

Victorian Institute of Teacher Registration

ACT Government – Teacher Quality Institute

Teacher Registration Board of South Australia

Will Vivid assist with my teacher registration and visa?

Applications to a TRB cannot be completed by a third party so you need to apply directly. Regarding your migration advice, Vivid is unable to provide information as we are not a registered migration agent. The Home Affairs website is very comprehensive and gives a step-by-step guide for all visa options.

Visit  Working in Australia (

Is there an option if I do not qualify for a visa?

Sponsorship is also an option for suitably qualified and experienced teachers. If you are hoping to gain sponsorship you will have to consider going to regional or remote locations. Very little sponsorship happens in city-based schools. If you are eligible and willing to live and work in a regional centre (coastal or inland) or remote town/city sponsorship is an option, we can explore for you.  

I already have a visa.  What are the next steps?

Contact us right away! We look forward to assisting you in obtaining your first teaching position in Australia. Let us know your preferences including any relevant information about specialised subject areas, year levels, locations and ideal commencement dates.

I am in need of sponsorship.  What are the next steps?

We would love to hear from you, let us know when you hope to come to Australia and any relevant information about specialised subject areas, year levels, locations and ideal commencement dates.  The more flexible your location the more likely you are to get a sponsored role.

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